About Surface

Surface is a television show that premiered on NBC on September 19, 2005.

Created by: Josh and Jonas Pate

Laura Daughtery: Lake Bell
Richard Connelly: Jay R. Ferguson
Miles James Barnett: Carter Jenkins
Davis Lee: Ian Anthony Dale
Dr. Aleksander Cirko: Rade Serbedzija
Savannah Barnett: Leighton Meester
Phil Nance: Eddie Hassell

Surface tells of a new life form appearing in waters all around the world. Strange things begin to happen: swirling black holes in the ocean, lightning storms, animal attacks. Meanwhile, three people are slowly discovering the truth about the animals.

Miles Barnett, a teen in North Carolina, brings home an egg and raises the new creature on his garage. As the creature (Nimrod or Nim) grows, he discovers just what these new creatures are capable of. They crave salt, can jolt things with an electrical charge, and have unique healing properties. Miles and Nim develop a special bond, and when Miles nearly dies, Nim somehow heals him. Towards the end of the season Miles begins to develop abilities similar to those of the new creatures.

Laura Daughtery, a Marine Biologist in California, is attacked by an unknown creature while on a deep sea dive. She begins to research the creature to the detriment of her career. She is framed for plagiarism and her research funding is pulled. Her search takes her to South Carolina, where she meets Richard Connelly.

Richard Connelly, an Insurance claim adjuster in Louisiana, loses his brother while on a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico. Insisting that the creature wasn't a whale, Richard takes his search to South Carolina. All the while, he is grief-stricken and dreaming of big swirling black holes.

Rich and Laura's search reveals a huge government project. They discover that the creatures were quite possibly created by the US government. The government is doing everything in its power to stop Rich and Laura from uncovering the truth, but the creatures are wreaking havok on the ecosystem. The season ends with a huge tidal wave that brings Laura, Richard and Miles together for the first time.