About "Serenity"

"Serenity" is the pilot episode of the sci-fi drama, Firefly. It was originally aired out of sequence as a 2 hour special after the finale, "Objects in Space." However, on the DVDs it is first like it was intended.

The two hour episode introduces us to all the characters. Malcolm Reynolds, a disillusioned veteran of the Unification War runs the ship Serenity with his second-in-command Zoe Washburn. Zoe's jovial husband, Hoban "Wash" Washburn, is the ace pilot who flies Serenity. Jayne Cobb is the ship's gun-for-hire with brawn than brains, and Kaywinnit Lee "Kaylee" Frye is the ship's unflaggingly upbeat mechanic. They rent out one of the ship's shuttles to a Companion, Inara Serra. They also picked up a few paying passengers: preacher Shepherd Book, Doctor Simon Tam, and his sister River Tam. In this pilot episode, we discover that Simon broke River out of a government facility and now they are wanted fugitives.

This episode also introduces us to Reavers, vicious carnivores that will rape, kill, and eat anyone on board. There is also Badger, a rather shady dealer who has employed Mal's crew to scavenge goods off a deserted ship. When Badger refuses to pay Mal for his take, the crew goes to Patience, the mayor of the backwater moon Whitefall, despite the fact that she had previously shot Mal.

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Mal: We're not gonna die. We can't die, Bendis. You know why? Because we are so very pretty. We are just too pretty for God to let us die. Huh? Look at that chiseled jaw.

Wash: Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Wash: Ha ha Ha! Mine is an evil laugh! Now die!

Wash: I'd say worth a little risk.
Jayne: Yeah, that was some pretty risky sittin' you did there.

Wash: I can always say I was flying the ship by accident.

Jayne: Captain, can you stop her from bein' cheerful, please?
Mal: I don't believe there is a power in the 'verse that can stop Kaylee from being cheerful. Sometimes you just wanna duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month.

Zoe: I know something ain't right.
Wash: Sweetie, we're crooks. If everything were right, we'd be in jail.

Wash: Just a couple of days lying around, you with the bathing. Me with the watching you bathe.

Mal: And I'd like to be king of all Londinium and wear a shiny hat.

Mal: Well, maybe I'm not a fancy gentleman like you with your... very fine hat.

Jayne: Ten percent of nothing is -- let me do the math here -- nothing into nothing, carry the --

Mal: Jayne, your mouth is talking. You might wanna look to that.

Mal: If anyone gets nosy, just, you know... shoot 'em.
Zoe: Shoot 'em?
Mal: Politely.

Jayne: Little Kaylee here just wishes you was a gynecologist.

Book: I brought you some supper, but if you'd prefer a lecture, I've a few very catchy ones prepped. Sin and hellfire... one has lepers.

Mal: This is not my best day ever.

Simon: Can you move your feet? Kaylee. Stay with me. Can you move your feet?
Kaylee: Are you asking me to dance...?

Mal: Huh.

Simon: I need to check her vitals.
Mal: Oh, is that what they call it?

Wash: Can we maybe vote on the whole murdering people issue?

Mal: Now you only gotta scare him.
Jayne: Pain is scary.

Jayne: Was gonna get me an ear, too.

Zoe: If they take the ship, they'll rape us to death, eat our flesh and sew our skins into their clothing and if we're very very lucky, they'll do it in that order.

Mal: Gettin' awful crowded in my sky.

Kaylee: You're nice, too.
Mal: No, I'm not. I'm a mean old man.

Inara: I gave the boy a free thrust, since he's not long for this world.

Simon: That man's psychotic.

Mal: Well, we may not have parted on the best of terms. I realize certain words were exchanged. Also, certain... bullets.

Mal: I believe that woman's planning to shoot me again.

Jayne: Here's a little concept I been workin' on. Why don't we shoot her first?
Wash: It is her turn.

Zoe: Nice place for an ambush.

Jayne: Testing. Testing, Captain, can you hear me?
Mal: I'm standing right here.
Jayne: You're coming through good and loud.
Mal: 'Cause I'm standing right here.

Jayne: Sure you don't just wanna piss yourself and back down like you did with Badger?

Zoe: She still has the advantage over us.
Mal: Everyone always does. That's what makes us special.

Mal: Well, you were right about this being a bad idea.
Zoe: Thanks for sayin', sir.

Wash: I don't mean to alarm anybody... but I think... we're being followed.

Zoe: Sir? I'd like you to take the helm, please. I need this man to tear all my clothes off.

River: I didn't think you'd come for me.
Simon: Well, you're a dummy.

Mal: How come you didn't turn on me, Jayne?
Jayne: Money wasn't good enough.
Mal: What happens when it is?
Jayne: Well... that'll be an interesting day.
Mal: If I ever kill you, you'll be awake, you'll be facing me, and you'll be armed.

Mal: We're still flying.
Simon: That's not much.
Mal: It's enough.